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This facility allows you to estimate the cost of a funeral for either cremation or burial.



Supplementary Services - £755
Services include:
Bringing the deceased into our care.
Preparation and presentation of the deceased, including use of a private remembrance room.
Provision of a hearse for the funeral.
All necessary personnel to conduct the funeral
Professional Services - £680
Services include:
Provision of all professional services including appropriate advice, support and guidance. All personnel necessary to undertake the funeral arrangements including completion of all documentation and liaison with all appropriate third parties


New grave Westerleigh from - £2115 New grave Canford / S. Bristol from - £1400 Cremation Westerleigh - £865 Cremation Canford / S. Bristol - £770
Doctors' fees (Not payable if death has been referred to the Coroner) - £164 Officiant's fees - £182 Chapel Hire for burial service at Canford / S.Bristol - £170 Organist - Canford burial chapel only - £70

COFFIN / CASKET SELECTION (Click on image to enlarge)

Arbury - £440

Elm veneer, decorative bead on lid with antique mahogany stain
Blenheim - £790

Solid mahogany with routered side panels, raised lid, crucifix ends and rich dark stain
Bredon Casket - £1510

Traditional English joinery framed casket in solid oak or mahogany
Cardboard Casket Woodgrain - £365

Woodgrain effect in a casket style
Cardboard Casket White - £355

White finish in a casket style

Cardinal Casket - £1920

Traditional English solid mahogany casket, satin interior as shown

Carved - £1530

Solid oak high gloss with carved sides depicting Christ

Cathedral - £985

Solid oak available in various colours and fittings

Coloured Coffins - £415

Traditional shaped coffin painted in a choice of colours

English Rose - £995

Solid oak with ornate side panels and roses engraved on end panels. Lime finish

Gainsborough Mahogany - £455

Panelled mahogany with decorative bead on lid and rich mahogany stain

Gainsborough Oak - £475

Panelled oak with decorative bead on lid with medium oak stain

Gold Rose - £595

Mahogany veneer with raised lid, gold inlay panels and gold roses on end panels

Highbury - £835

Solid oak with raised lid, shown natural and available in medium or dark oak stain
Jacobean - £475

Oak veneer, decorative bead on lid with dark stain

Last Supper casket - £1920

American Batesville casket with half hinged lid, interior as shown
Last Supper coffin - £905

Genuine Italian last supper with piano finish
Lichfield Mahogany - £375

Mahogany veneer with embossed side panels

Lichfield Oak - £395

Oak veneer with embossed side panels
Seagrass - £595

Oval style made from white willow and seagrass
The Henley Mahogany - £465

Mahogany veneer and embossed side panels
The Henley Oak - £485

Oak veneer, raised lid and embossed side panels
The Warwick - £585

Oak veneer, crucifix ends, raised lid with oak crucifix and routered side panels
Upton elm - £325

Simple elm with gloss finish
Upton oak - £325

Simple oak with gloss finish
Westminster - £415

Oak veneer, decorative bead on lid with antique oak stain
White Cardinal Casket - £1980

Solid oak casket finished in white with white interior
Wicker - oval - £605

Oval style made from weathered Somerset white willow
Wicker - rustic - £595

Traditional style made from unstripped Somerset willow
Wicker - traditional - £645

English made from Somerset Willow
Wicker - white - £635

Traditional style made from white willow


Dressing of the deceased in their own clothes - £40 Reception into church / home (outside normal working hours) - £165 Viewings outside of office hours - £40 Floral Hearse - £170 Limousine - £175 Hygienic treatment - £125 Temporary grave marker - £50 Funeral personnel attending interment of ashes - £45 Funeral personnel with limousine attending interment of ashes - £210 Saturday / Sunday / Bank Holiday Funerals charge - £240



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31, 10, 2017:
Thank you all for everything you did to make today simple, reverent and calm. The professionalism with which everything was done was very impressive … read more
M. B.
15, 9, 2017:
Dear Cathy, I just wanted to write and say a big thank you to you and all at BCM for the way you organised mum's funeral. The day itself went so … read more
J. D.
21, 8, 2017:
Dear Victoria, Vicky and everyone at BCM,
I'd like to thank you for your sensitivity during J. D. funeral. You were all fantastic and although it … read more
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